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8 HOT Tips To Finding A Suitable Area To Move To

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When you begin to consider moving into a new area, don’t take this decision too lightly. You need to consider several factors before you decide to take that big step towards relocating to a new area. One of the most important factors will be your family, you need to place them in the situation first before you follow your gut.

If you are proceeding to find a new home, we have 10 HOT Tips, which can help you find that home which is suitable for you and your family to live in.

1. Big City Vibes Or Small Town Vibes

Make sure that you make this topic your first priority. It will assist you to determine what type of area will suit the needs of your family. If you and your family prefer the quiet life and prefer going out when you really need to, consider moving to a small town, which as the basics you need close by, such as a local supermarket and shops. A great example of small towns in the Western Cape is Mossel Bay. Its a small town, but everything you need is there. They have the basic shops you need, the beach. The lifestyle there is so relaxing. Alternatively if you are a family that enjoys the busy life, Cape Town is the best for that purpose, everywhere you look there is always activities ranging from Cafe’s, shopping centers, nightlife, the list goes on.

2. The Climate

We commonly hear from alot of people who are currently living in Cape Town, to confess that moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town was one of the best decisions in terms of the climate. Don’t get us wrong, everyone has their own preferences in terms of climate. Some prefer the highveld in Joburg, whist others enjoy the coastal climate such as Cape Town.  Before you decide to move to a different province, do some research about the climate and don’t be afraid to use the social media to ask your friends/followers how they feel about the climate. The more information you have, the better.

3. Job Opportunities?

If you are a very career driven person, its highly recommended you move to a area where your career can excel and grow. If you look at Johannesburg, its Africa’s capital of business. Especially if you are still young, moving into a area where you can still grow your career is ideal. As we mentioned in a previous point, make sure that you do some research.

4. The Culture Of The Area

Before you set your eyes on a specific area, write a list of all your favorite activities you enjoy doing. The list  you wrote of activities you enjoy participating in will be able to assist you to determine which area best suits you

For example:

One of our staff, we asked him to write a list of activities he enjoys doing, he wrote:

  • Surfing
  • Photography
  • Outdoors
  • Hiking
  • Running

These are just a few activities he wrote down of what he enjoys, we did some research and we found that areas like Cape Town and Durban are best for him to cover his interests.

Lists like these can really help you alot, you wouldn’t want to move into a area where you find there’s nothing nearby that interests you. Again, do some research it helps.

5. Public Services

When we mention public services, we are meaning medical services, transport & schools; services such as these. When you begin to research a area you would like to move to, include these factors in the research.

If you are wanting to find a good school for your children, ask people whom you know that live in that area about the local schools; they can give you the best feedback. Otherwise you can put your trust in the internet to see the local schools.

Don’t be afraid to ask your local GP if he/she knows of any doctors in the area you are moving to. You may be lucky enough to find a amazing doctor all thanks to a referal from your GP.

6. Safety

Before you agree to a neighborhood you would like to move to. Make sure that you cover this area in your research. Its highly important you find out as much information as you can, if you don’t you may be surprised to find out your new area you staying in is a crime hot spot. Be wise and research the area, call the local authorities as well to find out more information. The bigger the city/area, the higher the crime rate levels will be.

 7. Cost Of Living

Some families are very specific when researching areas to reside in, they will find out as much information as they can about the cost of living. There is nothing wrong in doing this.

8. Spirituality

There is nothing more sweeter to move into a area to find a place of worship for your beliefs:

  • Christianity
  • Judaism
  • Buddhism
  • Islam

Its important to move into a area/community where you know you can go to worship. It can also be a added benefit to you to meet some locals in the area who share the same beliefs as you, its always a encouragement to meet people in this scenario.





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