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3 Ways To Break Home Sickness

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The dreaded feeling like no other when moving into a new city:


Its a feeling which any child or even a adult dislikes with a passion. Its a feeling which feels as if your whole life has been taken away from you. All the fond memories from your previous home, of friends, the times you laughed, the socials and etc.

Lucky for you, homesickness is only a temporary feeling that will go away eventually. Its natural for us humans to feel like this, so don’t feel like you’re the only one. A scary fact for you, at this moment whilst you are reading this blog, there is someone on this planet feeling homesick right now. Scary isn’t it???

To help you, we have 3 coping methods we want to share with you how you can cope with this feeling:

1. Patience

Don’t expect the homesickness to magically disappear after a few hours. it will take time for you to adapt to your new surroundings. For some, it can take up to a few weeks, whilst others it can take a few months. A common mistake some new homeowners have made is by visiting friends from their previous neighborhood too soon. This will make home sickness even worse, as those old memories will stream through your mind  again.

Instead, spend more time in your home, allow time to heal you, don’t force it, it will make things worse.

2. Adjustment

Don’t isolate yourself at your new home, rather take regular trips around the new neighborhood. Meet and greet your local neighbors, make some new friends.  Don’t compare the new neighbourhood to your previos one where you used to live, no city is exactly the same, meaning that you will be experiencing a new lifestyle compared to your previous one.

I know of a friend who used to live in Johannesburg his whole childhood, him and his family moved to Cape Town, 13 years ago. He does admit that the first year he really struggled to adapt to the new life. Luckily he was able to make new friends, and they made him feel appreciated. Since then 12/13 years later he loves living in Cape Town. He’s a avid surfer, speaks the language and generally has completely adapted to the new lifestyle.

This is a pure example how he broke homesickness, yes he battled for a while, but he managed to make new friends which is important.

3. Contact

Its always great to keep in contact with all your friends and family, especially when you are moving into a new area. But how much contact should you really keep with them?

Luckily for us these days, there is so much technology resources out there for us, that keeping in contact is alot easier compared to a decade ago. Social media, video chatting, mobile technology, this list goes on, how you can still keep contact.

Try not to spend too much time chatting to you friends and family all the time, use the free time to meet new faces, make new friends. Invite your neighbors for a braai, a great way to create new friendships.

We all have to face home sickness at least once in our lives, some take it badly whilst others learn to accept it. Either way its still a horrible feeling.

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