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5 Items You Don’t Want To Break During Your Move

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If you had to look at moving, the most common mistakes you’ll hear about:

  • Bad Planning
  • Not comparing any quotes
  • Incorrect packing
  • Not providing the correct inventory to the removal company

Its mistakes like these which will affect your move, financially and emotionally. It will even lead you to become more stressed that ever before during your move.

In today’s blog we want to highlight one specific point from the points mentioned above:

Incorrect Packing

Its a error, which alot of us can agree upon making during a move. We have packed those one or 2 items in a box incorrectly, to find that its broken. On some occasions we make the error of allowing our emotions to get ahead of us, so we end up blaming the removal team. Only to realize at a later stage that it wasn’t their error but ours. We made the mistake by not packing the fragile items properly, causing the unnecessary damages of our own items.

Whilst packing, remind yourself that you need to pack items correctly and securely to prevent any unexpected breakages occurring. We did some research and found 5 items which are commonly broken during a move. Take note of these items, if you recognize any items similair to what we found, make sure to take proper measures to ensure that nothing breaks during your move.

1. Furniture

Lets start with one of the biggest and most obvious items in a household: Your Furniture. 

If you decide to move yourself, be sure to have a few people assisting you during your move. With a lack of people assisting you carrying heavy items, such as a couch. The possibility of it becoming damaged is high. Conclusion, if you decide to do the move yourself, gather up a few friends and family and make sure there is more than one person carrying heavy items.

Alternatively, to prevent any of your furniture becoming damaged, hire a removal company instead. Have you ever sat and watched the removal team pack heavy items? Its amazing how they do it, they a) work as a team by communicating  and b) there are always at least 2/3 guys helping to carry a heavy item. Once the furniture piece is loaded onto the van, they use moving blankets to prevent any damages occurring on the furniture.

Removal companies also do offer a additional service, majority will charge you, but if you feel uncertain about how well your furniture will be protected from any damages occuring, ask about wrapping. They will gladly wrap your valuable items, but they will charge you as a additional service.

2. Sports Equipment

When we speak of sports equipment being broken during a move, We’re not meaning sporting items such as:

  • Cricket Equipment
  • Rugby Equipment
  • Hockey Equipment

We are speaking about more larger equipment which requires more attention to. Sure a cricket bat for example can break, but think how much force is needed to break it. These items you can load in a bag, and the chances are very slim to them breaking.

Just some items to give you a idea which may break easily are:

  • Surfboards
  • Golf Clubs
  • Cycling bikes

This type of equipment requires alot of attention. Before these items are moved by anyone, make sure to get yourself a carry case for these items. They are designed to protect the equipment. One of our staff members Clayton, he is a regular surfer. If you ever want to meet anyone so frantic about his equipment, he is the guy. He has made sure to purchase the correct transport bags for all his boards to prevent them from breaking. It’s important that you take good care of your equipment. If you own sporting equipment, and you are scheduled to move, make sure to inform the removal team, and most importantly buy a carry bag designed for that equipment.

3. Glassware

GLASSWARE, one item which breaks so easily. Its scary but fascinating to see how these items can break so easily.

Whilst packing make sure to not pack the glassware in a large box, rather use a box about medium size as this will reduce any movement of the fragile items. Additionally make sure to wrap them. Some will go to the local supply shop and purchase bubble wrap, which is literally the very best to use to protect your glassware. Alternatively, if you are unwilling to spend money, use some basic items from around your home to wrap the glassware.

The 3 greatest items you can use for glassware is:

  • Newspaper
  • T-Shirts
  • Linen

Yes, you have read correctly, t-shirts and linen work perfectly as padding to protect glasswarem, and it won’t scratch anything. Alot of people would never have thought of using this initiative. But now that you now, lets keep it  our secret shall we.

Lastly, most importantly, whilst packing glassware. Once you have closed and tape up the box, make sure to write in big capital letters: FRAGILE. Use black and read markers to make it very obvious so that whoever is carrying the items will know to be very careful.

4. Plants

Who doesn’t like plants around their homes? One item which you literally will and can find in majority of homes. Having your beloved plants in healthy condition is a priority when moving, you wouldn’t want to arrive at your new home to find that they are either crushed or dead (Which is difficult to do, unless you leave them in transit for a very long time).

Whilst speaking to removal companies, advise them that you have plants which will require care whilst in transit, the agents will take note of it. If  you forgot to mention it to the agent, don’t be scared to speak to the truck driver on the day of collection, and request that all your plants are loaded last onto the truck, and are unpacked first off the truck into your new home.

Unless you know how to pack plants correctly in transit, we strongly recommend that you do some research how to transport your plants safely, alternatively speak to a professional at the local nursery for advice.

Lastly, the last item we are about to announce is literally the most fragile item out of any other in a move………..

5. YOU

Moving is highly stressful, and will effect you physically and emotionally. The most common affects a person experiences during a move is:

  • Stress
  • Sleepless Nights
  • Back Pains or Body Pains from all the packing and carrying

During the entire moving process, you won’t realize how badly you are affected, until the moves has come to a end. Its important that you communicate and work as a team during the move. If stress overwhelms you, make a plan to try avoid it hitting you.

Once your move is complete, take a day off to relax. Visit a local spa for the day, or if you are a avid sportsman, go visit the local beach for a surf or the golf course for a round. Its simple things to help you release all your stress.


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