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5 Ways To Prepare Yourself On Moving Day

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So, you’ve managed to find a removal company offering you a suitable quote to do your removal. You’ve made the booking for the removal. Everything is packed in boxes, items are dissembled, all ready for your removal.

Have you ever asked yourself, what is the most easiest way to prepare you home on the day of the removal? We want to provide you with the following tips to ensure that your preparations prior to the removal will allow you to focus on the important tasks whilst the removal team collects your items.

Your Pets

Most importantly, if you have pets that can possibly become a distraction during the move, its ideal that you put the animal in the area of your home where they won’t distract you or in worst case scenario harm anyone. Pets can become very territorial over a home, and if they see a stranger carrying items, they’re first instinct would be to attack. To avoid this, either lock them in the back garden or find a room which is cleared and you put your pet in there with food,water and any toys to keep them occupied.


We are not trying to insult any parent out there, but especially young children can become a massive distraction during a move. As we mentioned about pets in the previous point, they too can distract you from the tasks ahead.

In order to keep your children occupied, consider hiring a babysitter to keep your children occupied in a empty room, alternatively allow your child to spend the day at his/her best friends house.

Be Ready!

Usually the driver will contact you a hour before arriving to confirm when he is on his way. Ideally rather take the day off, so that you can do last second preparations in and around your home before the collection begins. Write lists of important things you need to either tell the driver or ask him.

Pack a “emergency suitcase”.

There have been cases where people don’t think to pack a suitcase with extra clothes and medication, only to find themselves sleeping in the same clothes at a hotel, due to they were unprepared for the scenario of the truck scheduled to arrive a day later. At least a day before your removal, make sure that you have a suitcase packed for in-case you need to sleep the night somewhere. Pack clothes, toiletries, medications and etc. Items that you will need.

Take the day off!

Although I briefly mentioned earlier in the article about taking the day off. I am going to say it again, take the whole day off, cancell all appointments and reschedule them. There is a possibility that the removal truck will arrive later in the afternoon opposed to originally the morning. Rather be flexible throughout the day just in case. Also you need to be available on the day and at your house should the truck driver have any queries.

Last checks

Before the truck is ready to leave, ask the driver to walk with you around the home, checking all rooms and areas of your old home. Just to be certain that nothing has been left behind.

Otherwise, the rest is up to how you wish to handle the day. Always remember that moving is and will be stressful,  you may find yourself becoming highly stressed. Take some time out to breathe, the team who does the removals are all highly trained by the best and will give you 100% service in ensuring your items are transported safely.

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