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6 Places To Familiarize Yourself With In Your New Area

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Before you decide to purchase a new home, have you ever thought to yourself how familiar you are with the new area? Some of you reading this blog will say: “No”.

Its important that before you buy a new home, that you familiarize yourself with the new area, as you may find yourself feeling very lost. To assist you, we will be highlighting key areas, which you need to locate in your new area:

1. Local Banks

Luckily we have internet banking these days, but there will still be days where you will need to visit the local branche. Make sure to research online the closest branches and visit them.

2. Supermarkets

Without food, how else will you be able to survive? Make sure to take a trip around town to observe where all the local shops are so that you can make regular trips to stock up.

3. Health Clinics

Make sure to follow this point either prior to arriving at your new home, or shortly after. Visit the local doctors rooms, and be sure to familiarize yourself where all the local clinics are.

4. Vets

If you are a proud pet owner such as alot of us, its important that you speak to your current veterinarian prior to moving out. So that you can retrieve  your animals records to transfer to the new vet. Additionally, your vet can recommend you a veterinarian in the area.

5. Local Shops and Cafe’s

Who doesn’t enjoy going out to a local cafe’ or restaurant? Once you and your family have moved in, make a day for you and your family to drive around the area, visit the local cafe’s and restaurants.

6. Sports and Recreation

A great tool in meeting and interacting with the locals, if you played a club sport in your old area, why not join a local club in your new area, a great way to meet and make new friends.

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