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Become A Overcomer When Moving

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If you were to compare a moving experience between a “newbie” and a “seasoned” mover, they both can admit one thing in common:

Moving is no joke and should be taken seriously.

The whole process itself from day 1 of planning to the day all your items are in your new household. It will affect you and your family in some way, the most common affect moving has is psychologically. Alot of the times when we are in situations we always say we are fine, yet are we?

Moving specifically impacts one the most, its been categorized as one of the 5 most stressful experiences for any person in their lifetime. Don’t get us wrong, moving is a very exciting experience too. That joyful feeling of a new start, a new job, new school, the situations are endless what new possibilities are ahead when moving to a new location. But once reality hits you, you can’t avoid it.

In one of our previous articles, one of our staff members wrote about his experience of moving when he was given the opportunity to help out as a shuttle driver. The one thing he mentioned, which was heartbreaking to us was how he saw first hand how moving can affect children. On the moving day when the owners kids got home from school, they broke into tears once seeing the moving van, realizing they are about to leave their friends. It can affect any age.

To help you, we will be discussing 4 ways how you can emotionally handle certain situations:

1. Managing your stress levels on moving day:

Its guaranteed that on moving day itself you will feel stressed, but to guarantee yourself a less stressful move, make sure that the removal company you are hiring is a very reliable company and has a great reputation, make sure that you have moving insurance too. Ask for help too from some close friends, ask them to help you clean the house or even help you pack. Emotionally it can be uplifting to have loved ones around you.

2. Final preparations on moving day

On moving day, make sure that all your items are wrapped and packed into the boxes, a added tip is move all your boxes into a area with easy access for the removal team, such as your garage; it is always the best place to pack all your boxes as it makes carrying alot easier and it quickens the moving process.

3. What do you want to keep and what you don’t want to keep

We commonly have the occasional chuckle in this situation. We commonly hear from customers how, they always find items in their homes which they have either never used or completely forgotten about. When you are packing, if you do find items which you will never use again, put them aside into a separate box. Once your packing is finished, all those unwanted items you either sell or donate.

4. Saying farewell

This is always the worst part before you have to move.

A great idea is to organize a farewell braai or party, invite all your closest friends and family, for you kids invite their closest friends too. Whilst everyone is there you can organize with all of them to leave their details on a massive board, so you can track everyone’s details easier. A added bonus is luckily we have the social media, sites like Twitter,Facebook and Google+ are great places for you to still be able to be in contact with everyone.


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