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Caution, These Moving Mistakes Can Cost You!

Categories: Furniture Removal

Are you in the process of planning your move?

If you are receiving advice from alot of people:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Colleagues

We just need to caution you to be very careful when you are receiving advice in terms of moving. Its great that you are receiving advice that you are receiving advice from those whom you trust, but what they are not telling you is the opposite. There are many cases of people moving who have made critical mistakes which you will hardly ever hear. Receiving advice always will give you the added advantage when it comes to moving, but also learning from previous mistakes which people have made before is also of importance.

Lucky for you, we have done some background research and found 6 of the most common mistakes which people have previously made before during their moves.  Let us begin:

1. Falling for the “trap” of the price instead of the quality

When searching for a reliable removal company, affordability is definitely a factor which you should take into consideration. But, at the same time  you need to keep a eye out for the services the company provides. Do they offer quality service to their clients? Its always best to search for previous testimonies from clients about the services they received, otherwise there are also sites which allow you to see if there were any great or shocking testimonies about  the company.

2. Moving yourself rather than hiring professional help

If you consider to rather use the assistance of friends and family to help you move, be advised it can be a risky decision. Although, its a cheaper alternative opposed to hiring a removal company, you need to keep in mind that things can go horribly wrong which you will be held liable for. Hiring a removal company is a more wiser decision to make instead, yes the prices can be high, but they have the correct training and equipment to get the job done properly and correctly.

3. Moving during the most busiest time of the day

When you do plan your removal, make sure that firstly you have the day off as it will require alot of your time. Secondly, plan your move so that it won’t occur during times of traffic in your area.

4. Packing items which are non-movable

When you do pack you need to take note of items which are flammable, hazardous, poisonous or even dangerous such as weapons. Removal companies generally will refuse to move these items, unless they include it on their lists for clients.

5. Not moving items you no longer need

Once the packing process begins, you will begin to notice the items you have, some you will discover to realize that you don’t actually really need them anymore or haven’t been used in a long time. Ideally, removal companies recommend that you de clutter your home 1-2 days prior to the move.  A handy tip; if you come across items which you don’t need but can still be used. Put the items in a separate container/box from the others, once you’ve finished packing, you can donate the items to a local charity.

6. Keeping record of important documents

When moving, its something alot of us don’t think of doing but it can affect us in the process whilst moving, which is backing up documents on your computer and records you keep. Items an get damaged easily during the move. Try doing this more than 3 days prior to moving, back your computer up using a external hard drive as a precaution should your computer get damaged. Alternatively, if you keep important documents in a file, rather keep them with you as a precaution.

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