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Its very common to receive advice from the professionals and general public, that when you are planning to move, its ideal that you take time and plan your move thoroughly. Making sure that everything is covered. This type of planning can take some time.

But, although moving does take time to plan, there are those out there whom are required to move on a very short notice. The reasons can vary, but the most common reasons for moving on short notice are:

  • Offered a new job position, which will require you to move to a new location.
  • As strange as this point seems, you are moving in with your loved one.
  • If you are studying in a  college/ university which is in a different province.
  • If your current home is in a state which forces you to move whilst being repaired.
  • Or worst case scenario, you are forced to vacate the premises, for whichever reason.

As the saying goes, when life throws you a curve ball, you need to face it head on. When these opportunities arise, its up to you how you are going to handle it.

If you are in this scenario, which requires you to move home on a short notice, we have some tips to “rescue you” from what challenges lay ahead:

1. Communication With The moving Professionals

If you are looking for help with the area you are moving to, don’t be ashamed to contact a removal company. The professionals at removal companies can offer you amazing advice in terms of a suitable area for you to stay as they are highly knowledgeable of various areas around the country, and should you require assistance in terms of moving they can offer you tips on how you can move on a short notice. If you have no time to pack items, you can ask the removal company to assist you with that as they do offer it as a service.


For alot of us, hearing the word “Packing”, feels as if someone has punched you a low blow into the stomach area causing you to “Lose Wind”… As we mentioned in the previous point, if you need packing services, ask the removal companies for assistance. They are there to assist you.

If you are in a rush to pack, rather pack the essential items that you will need when you reach your new location. If you need to, rent out a storage unit and pack all your items there temporarily whilst you are settling in your new location. There have been numerous clients, who move with what essentials they need and store the rest. At a later stage they will organize their items to be delivered to their new homes once settled in.

3. Asking For Help

Although we mentioned in the first point about asking for help from the removal companies, why not also ask for the help from your friends and family to help you. It may be of short notice, but if there is a day available for you to get help from friends and family, make a fun day out of it. Everyone helps you pack everything, afterwards you make it a “Goodbye Event”, have a braai or a little party to thank everyone for the help and to say farewell at the same time.

If you are still battling to look for accommodation, ask your friends and family if they know of any places available to stay at, or a added bonus if they know of anyone who has a place for you to stay at temporarily  whilst you look for a new home.

4. Start Afresh

For some, hearing these 2 words can cause a persons emotions to run wild, and not in a good way. Its difficult to say goodbye to a area where you have stayed for a while, and even worse, saying goodbye to all your loved friends and family. Fortunate, we are very advantaged to have the social media and and tele-communication  technology (Skype). At least you are still able to keep the communication. Otherwise, with this new journey ahead of you, look at it as a opportunity to begin a new life.

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