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What NOT To Forget Prior and On Moving Day

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Closer to moving day, its should never come as a surprise, you will begin to notice how things become more hectic. Your stress levels increase, you forget about completing simple tasks, life becomes one big crazy circus. Most importantly, you need to realize, we are all human, its natural for one to lose attention, when under the enormous stress levels.

To help you, we do advise, make a list of the following tasks, you will need to remember a few days prior and on moving day. Its very important that you don’t forget:

Prior to Moving Day

  • Prior to moving day, at least a week prior, contact the removal company to confirm that all is in order with the booking.
  • Monitor the weather reports, especially during rainy or snow season. Some people have made the error by not following reports, to find that on moving day it rains. Be safe, and delegate someone if you must to follow the weather, so if push comes to shove, rain is expected, at least you will be prepared.
  • Communicate with your neighbors, that you will be moving. So that when the truck arrives, you won’t have your neighbors, complaining. You never know, they may be more than willing to help out if needed.
  • If you have pets, or you are a parent. Make sure to make the necessary arrangements for moving day. Kids and pets, can become distraction on moving day.
  • Pack a extra suitcase which you will need to take with you, whilst you await for the removal truck. Pack all the essentials such as spare clothing, medications, toiletries. Stuff you will need.

On Moving Day

  • Prior to the truck arriving, visit your local store, buy some food and drink for yourself and your family. Additionally, buy extra, so that you can offer it to the removals team. For a mover, receiving a tip such as this, will motivate them to work harder, and they are always appreciative.
  • Once all your items have been collected, before you sign off the inventory to state that all your belongings have been collected, do one last walk around to ensure there has been nothing left behind.
  • Unless you have made this arrangement prior to moving day, but arrange with the required parties, who you need to leave the keys with for the new owners. There’s nothing more embarrassing/frustrating to take the keys with you.
  • Either during or after the collection has been done, make sure that each room is cleaned. The new homeowner will expect to arrive in a empty home that is clean after all.

Bonus Point:

  • To really surprise the new homeowners to your (now) previous home. Find out when they are expected to be arriving, and leave them a little gift to welcome them into their new home.
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