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Involving Your Kids During Your Move

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We all love our children with all of our hearts, although there are moments where they can annoy us parents, but majority of the times they are always looking for our love and attention.

During a move, children don’t have a proper understanding to whats happening during a move, their only worries are that they are going to be leaving friends and their favorite rooms/places. Which can sometimes make the moving process very difficult for a child.

Don’t forget that its not only your children that will be affected during the move, it’s you as well. As a family, use this opportunity to make it a family event. Get your children involved in some tasks to make them feel as if they are doing the important work. Which they are in a way.

Below we will be highlighting some ways you can get your children involved:

Visit the New Area Of Your New Home

On a weekend, take your child to the new area that you will be moving to, take them around the neighborhood to the local parks, schools, malls and then lastly the house to give him a idea what their new home and surrounding areas will look like.

Instead of your child being afraid to move to the new location, it can the do the opposite. It can potentially make your child excited for the move to the new area. If your child really likes what he/she see’s, your child will be bragging non stop to all their friends.

Give Your Child Simple Tasks

During the packing process, delegate some simple tasks for your child to do. Depending on the age of your child, allow them to pack some items from their room. You will need to take the lead by packing the items which will be potentially too heavy or dangerous for your child to carry. Otherwise leave the easy to pack items for your child to pack themselves. To make it fun for them, turn the packing into a game.

During the moving process, if you have children, try to get them involved as much as you can during the whole process. Although they are young, they still want to feel involved in some way.

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