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Keeping Your Pets Safe During A Summer Move

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Summer is finally here in sunny side South Africa, clear skies, hot days, aaaah the joys of summer.

The weather may be great, but it does have a little cheeky downside to it, you can get ill or injured very easily. Believe it or not but your pets also fall into this risk too. Its very important that you take good care of your pets on moving day to, we have some tips how:

1. Hydration: Don’t forget that your pets are breathing species such as you and I, its very important that on moving day you keep your pet hydrated and well fed throughout the day.

2. Treats: Who doesn’t like a ice cream on a hot summers day? Alot of us most probably will be shouting for one right now if the weather was cooking, do the same for your beloved pet. There are some amazing pet recipes online you can cook up for your pet.

3. Ventilation: Animals do need to breathe, so make sure that where ever you will be allowing them to roam temporarily in your new home, make sure its a room or area with ventilation. Don’t leave them in the car.

We fully understand how chaotic moving day becomes, but its important that you treat your pets as well. Consider maybe putting them in a pet day care place for the day.

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