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How To Move A Refrigerator

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When it comes to moving your fridge, you need to be prepared for the challenge that lays ahead. Its regarded as one of the most challenging items to move, mainly because of its weight. Surprisingly, refrigerators are also one of the most delicate items to move, it will require all parties moving the fridge to be very cautious.

Here is how we recommend you move a fridge:

1. Supplies

Before you make any plan to decide to move your refrigerator, make sure you have the correct supplies to clean, move and strap up the move for transit:

  • Dolly
  • Rope or straps
  • Blanket
  • Cleaning supplies

2. Clear out all the items

Most important, whilst emptying out all the items, if there are perishables inside, rather give them away to someone. Leaving these items in a cooler box is not a good idea.

Clear out all the food items, and take out all the shelves and draws to avoid anything becoming damaged.

3. Unplug and Defrost

Defrosting will take a few hours for it to fully defrost, a day or 2 prior to your removal, allow your refrigerator to either defrost overnight, or throughout the day.

4. Cleaning

Once the defrosting process has completed, use this opportunity to clean the fridge out. You don’t want to seal the refrigerator, when its still a little wet from the melted ice, it will stink. Rather take the opportunity to give it a clean it deserves.

5. Strapping

Before the refrigerator is transported anywhere, make sure that you either wrap a rope around the fridge to secure the doors so that they won’t open whilst in transit. A great idea  is to use strapping or bungee cords, these two types are perfect and secure when strapping items.

6. Transportation

Now the tough part begins, the process of transporting the refrigerator. Before you move anything, make sure that you have the correct equipment, in this case a dolly is perfect. Also, have more that one person to assist you. Yes, its possible you can do it yourself, but having a extra set/s of hands to helps makes a big difference.

Make sure that extra care is taken when pushing the refrigerator on the dolly, feet can get crushed very easily. Make sure that the fridge remains in a upright position.

7. Transporting the fridge into your new home

You will need to follow the same procedure when carrying it to the truck, please make sure to take extra care. Once its placed in the new area, don’t plug it in immediately, allow it to stand for a hour or 2 to let all the fluids to flow into the compressor.

If you are unsure what to do, its advisable to check the manual.

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