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Preperation Tips: Moving With The Elderly

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When it comes to moving, there are 2 factors in a move which can make things more challenging:

1. Moving with children

2. Moving with elderly

We are not trying to insult anyone, but when you put a elderly person or a child into the equation of a move, these 2 factors do require more attention, to make sure that things are done correctly. In today’s blog, we are going to be highlighting some valuable tips which you can use, should you be in the situation of having to either help a elderly person move or a elderly person is moving with you.

Let Us Begin:

1. Discuss About The Removal

Before the moving day approaches, do make sure that you speak to the elderly person about the move. You need to give them some time before the move.

2. Start Searching

Once you have spoken to the elderly, without them knowing, travel to the new area where he/she will be moving to and scout the neighborhood. Find a suitable doctor, pharmacist, dentist, even a grocery stall. As long as you can get these resources done, it can make life a whole lot easier for the elderly.

3. Commence Preparations

For a elderly person, the emotion factor can affect them dearly, make sure that you have enough time to give them so that they can also prepare themselves for this new change.

4. Take Them To Their New Home

Make sure you get this task done before moving day arrives, take them around the new home, and show them where they will  be living. Discuss with them which room they will prefer to have as a bedroom, plan with the elderly person where what item goes where. Make them feel as if they are leading the move.

5. Go Slowly

Its critical that you do not rush the elderly person, work with him or her room by room. Discuss which items you can possibly donate or throw away instead of packing boxes.

6. Give Clear Instructions To The Removal Company

Whilst looking for a removal company to assist with the elderly’s move, do make it clear that this is a move for the elderly. Some elderly will have some medical equipment which they will be needing to transport, such as wheelchairs and oxygen tanks.

Do make sure that clear instructions have been given to the removal company.






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