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Moving In The Rain

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Its that season of the year which all of us South Africans love: SUMMER!

Hot warm days, clear skies, no cold, for some provinces their “beloved” windy season, and so forth. Summer is guaranteed to be the best time to move, all thanks to Mother Nature blessing us with this amazing weather. Yet, there is a downfall to summer in some areas, which is the rain.  In some parts when it rains, it pours.

Having to move during a rainstorm is not a very pleasant experience, all your items get wet, items get easily damaged, the house gets muddy. Things such as these which can potentially ruin your moving experience. To help you, we have found some handy tips for you to prepare yourselves and your items, just in case Mother Nature hands you a rainstorm on your moving day:

First thing is first, you need to take precautions for everyone’s safety before you can move your items. You wouldn’t want to see anyone hurt.

1. Floors will become slippery, make sure that you have signs in a slippery area to warn the movers that they are in a area where slipping is a possibility. Warn/advise the movers of potential slippery areas around your home, so that they will be aware of the potential hazards ahead.

2. Have a raincoat ready. If you are wet, you are making yourself a potential hazard for your move.

3. Monitor the weather. We are very fortunate these days to have some amazing technologies such as the internet which is up to date. If there are any predicted rain storms, make a pathway which will allow the moving company to have easy access to avoid any injuries. Take note though to be aware if there are potential thunder/lightning storms approaching.

Now that you have put some safety precautions in place, now you may begin to worry about your furniture:

1. If you are going to be carrying boxes in the rain, make sure to cover them whilst being carried. Boxes are the worst when it comes to getting wet, they will become all soggy and will break apart. Be very cautious.

2. Protect your belongings, take extra care when carrying items to be loaded. A bed for example, make sure that you have covers for them, as the rain will potentially damage your bed.

3. Electrical appliances, these are items you do not want to get wet in the rain. They won’t electrocute you whilst being loaded / offloaded but if they get wet, internal wires and parts will get damaged causing short circuits.

4. Any wooden furniture, make sure that its also covered at all times, especially when the rain is coming down hard. The wood will warp.

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