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Preparations For Selling Your Home

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Imagine yourself in this scenario:

You and your family have decided its time to move to a new location, you have set a goal date of when you would like to move, you have hired a reliable Realtor to sell your home. The only thing that delays everything is the selling process of your home.

Some people assume that selling a home can be as simple as 1.2.3. Well they are not correct, selling your home is a challenging task. It requires you to spend some cash on your home to brighten it up to make it attract home buyers, and most importantly your home needs to re assure any home buyer walking in that its a home in one piece.

What do you do?

TO answer that question, we have some simple points to share with you, they are simple but will help the selling process:

– Your Budget

First things First. You can’t move or sell your home without having a budget. Between you and your partner, you need to mutually agree what and how much you are willing to spend on preparing your home. It doesn’t mean you need to have a massive budget, all you need is a budget which will cover your needs in the home selling and moving process.

– “Spice Up” Your Home

We don’t mean spending alot of money all around your home. What we do mean is, spend a little but focus on the areas in your home which requires repairing (Carpets, windows, lighting). When it comes to staging, include a candle here and there, just not overboard. A little trick like that can make your home stand out.

If you have been planning to paint a new colour on your home, now would be the best time to do so.

– Ask For Opinions About Your Home

Ask your realtor, to take a look around your home and ask him/her for their honest opinion about your home, theres a good chance that he/she will be able to reveal things of your home which you have accoustemed to. Never judge your own home, you will give it a bias opinion towards your favour. Rather ask a professional realtor to give their opinions.

– Stage Your Home

When you are having a open house event, make sure to prepare your home so that it stand out above the rest. Focus on the small things around your home which home buyers will not want to see.

1.. Most importantly, de-personalise your home. Home buyers are there to look at the home itself, not to see photo’s of your family. Rather put these type of items aside until the open house is over.

2.. Look at the strong areas around your home. If you have a pool for example. Tidy up the entire outside area so that it won’t distract the home buyers. Make sure that your pool is clean and clear.

3.. When you planning how to stage your home, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t want your home looking untidy. Place furniture strategically to make the rooms stand out. When staging, remove any clutter that can be a distraction too. When a home buyer walks in you want them to have a great first impression of your home.

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