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Safety First In Moving

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When you think of moving in general, the most common thing that you will hear about moving is that overall its a very stressful process to go though. This is 100% correct, but have you ever thought of the safety aspect to moving?

Stress does have a emotional and physical affect on your body, but if you’re not careful when carrying items, you can possibly hurt yourself, and worst comes to shove you may end up in hospital. We wouldn’t want that to happen do we? I think not.

Taking preventative action is key, especially during your move. Lets take a look at some key areas, and what you should do to prevent any injuries occurring:

1. Packing

Whilst packing your boxes, make sure that you are packing it to a weight which you can still carry it. Pack the heavy items to even out, so that it won’t be loaded into one box making it impossible to carry.

Keep in mind that moving day has not yet arrived, its up to you to carry the box to the designated area for all the other boxes. If a item is too heavy to carry, ask for someone stronger to either assist you carrying the box or ask the person to carry it for you.

To make life easier for you and everyone else in the move, consider hiring a trolley to make transportation of the boxes easier and quicker. Its one device that  many people least think of when moving. Yet they forget, it helps prevent any injuries.

Always remember that when you are about to pick up a box, NEVER bend over to pick it up as it will put strain on your lower back. Instead, squat down, and use your lower body weight to assist you to pick the box up easier.

2. Observe the areas

A day or two before the day of your move, if possible, visit your new home. Inspect the area to see which part of the home will give easy access for the removal team to be able to transport your goods. Additionally , look out for any obstructions that you will need to inform the truck driver. Make sure to do the same procedure for your home. Look for a area where the truck can easily park, and make sure the removals team will have easy access.

Monitor the weather for the day of the removal, fortuanatley there are various sites you can visit which give up to date reports of the next day. If you are going to be expecting rain, make sure that if there are any slippery areas you mark them out so that the removal team will know to be cautions. If there are any areas around the home which is uneven, make sure to inform the driver so that he can inform his team of any possible obstacles.

If you are living in a residential area with telephone poles or low hanging  trees, make sure to inspect the area thoroughly. If there are any obstacles which may obstruct the removals guys, you need to either remove it or make a plan to make sure it won’t be a obstruction.

 3. Moving Day

Earlier in the blog we briefly mentioned about boxes being placed in a designated area. This is the point where we elaborate more on the topic. During the packing process, its highly advisable that you mark each box with three categories:

  • Heavy Box
  • Fragile Items
  • General Box

Obviously people do have their own methods to doing this, but do something similar to what I’m saying. Also place the boxes into the categories, if there are heavy boxes, pile all the heavy boxes together, and vice versa. Make sure that its marked to so that the removal teams won’t end up hurting themselves.

On moving day, make sure that you are wearing something that’s comfortable and won’t be obstructive. Make sure not to be bare feet during the move especially, wear running shoes, closed shoes or even hiking shoes if you must. This will prevent any injuries occurring to your feet, and prevents any possible slipping.

If you have pets, make sure to either put them in a area of your home where they won’t be obstructing anyone, and most importantly so that no one gets harmed either by your pet or your pet getting hurt during the move. Make sure that they are in a area which has been cleared already by you or the removal team. If you are a parent, the same procedure goes to you, but as a precaution, consider either hiring a babysitter to keep your child occupied or make a play date for your child to spend the day with a friend.

Be sure to have enough food and water for everyone to share. Moving will take alot of energy out of any person, so make sure to take regular breaks so that everyone can take a breather. As a gesture, don’t forget to share with the removal team as well, nothing uplifts a removal team more than something to drink and eat. It uplifts their spirits to work even faster, literally.

Be ready to have a first aid kit with you during the move. You may not end up using it, but as a precaution make sure you have one ready just in case anything should happen.

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