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How To Say “Hello” To Your New Neighbours

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For alot of families who have moved into a new area, saying hello to the neighbors can be a nerve wrecking experience. Either they are too scared, expect the neighbors to say hell first or have no time to do so.

We have gathered some tips to help you break the ice between you and your neighbors, and how to say “hello”:

  • Invite your neighbors over: One of the best ways to break the nerves of saying hello to your neighbors is by walking over and introducing yourselves to your neighbors. Invite them over to your home for a braai (BBQ), or a plain old visit.
  • Get Outside: Especially if its a beautiful day outside, make a plan to spend your day outside. Work on the garden, relax on the lawn, cycle around the neighborhood. Find a way for you and your family to break the confinements of the inside of your new home, especially if its a beautiful day. Doing outdoor activities, always give great opportunist to meet and greet with your neighbors.
  • Assist your neighbor: If you notice your neighbors are working on a task in their garage or even in the garden, ask if you can assist. Even if your neighbor declines your offer, it opens opportunities for a conversation.
  • Allow your children to meet your neighbors kids: 9/10 times if you are a parent and your neighbors have kids too, your kids would have introduced themselves to your neighbors before you have a chance too.

Its small tasks such as these which  can open up some great opportunities for you to meet your neighbors. A small idea to try is to give your neighbors a small gift. Be innovative!

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