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Seasons Greetings, Its Moving Time In Summer

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Yes, we are aware that we are only in the middle of winter season here in sunny side Cape town, South Africa. But we thought, why not spread some “Love”, and reach out to our international followers too who are facing summer as we speak. If you are a local from South Africa, don’t feel ashamed to not read this, we actually do recommend that you read this. In case you are planning to move when summer approaches, you can begin planning now before the season kicks in and companies get fully booked.

In today’s blog we will be highlighting why moving in summer is more easier than moving in the colder seasons. Although, the moving season will be in full swing, its still easier to move.


  • The Weather

Its obvious that moving in summer is twenty times better than having to move in the freezing months of winter. For one, especially in Cape Town, the sun sets much later than  normal, you can make moving a whole day event without having to worry about the hazards the cold weather can cause.


  • “OPEN” Season For The Real Estate

Have you ever heard the quote:

“Hunting Season Is Officially Open”

When summer officially hits, hunting season commences. Home buyers and sellers are on the prowl you can say, to find a new home or sell. Moving in winter is not really ideal, as finding a home will be more challenging. The market shows statistically that moving & home buying/selling decreases during the colder seasons opposed to summer.


  • Schools Out,Its Holiday Time

Summer is guaranteed the best time to move. Commonly, schools(here in South Africa) and some businesses, break up for the end of year/Christmas holidays. It allows you to feel less pressured for you and your family when moving over this time, and you can turn the whole event into a family event where everyone participates and can still have fun.


  • Relocation’s For Work

If you are in the scenario to relocate due to work, summer season is usually the best time to do so. Although the season of moving is busy, once your move has been completed, you can enjoy a few days of vacation in the outdoors afterwards,since the weather will be splendid. Use the opportunity to spend valuable time with your family in a nearby park/beach.


  • Kids Moving To College

After 12 years of school, your children can begin celebrating that they are “free” from school, for them going to college is going to be the next big step into freedom. This is the time of the year for you children to enjoy the long holiday before colleges begin. If they are moving away to colleges they can use the weather to their advantage, especially if they’re college is quite a drive away, by making it a road trip.

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