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Simple Steps To Moving On Short Notice

Categories: Furniture Removal

Ideally, when you begin to plan you’ll need between 8-12 weeks, to plan the entire moving process for you and your family.

8-12 Weeks allows you to plan all which is needed for the move, involving tasks such as changing utilities, designating moving tasks and the packing process.

Unfortunately, there are those moments where you are given short notice to move to a new location. This is where you need to test yourself, to literally take 8-12 weeks of planning and turn it into a very short term plan, which will involve alot of perseverance and dedication to make sure all the required tasks are accomplished for your move.

Its important from the moment you are tasked with this decision that you begin planning and organizing immediatley. To assist you to remain organized, we have some pointers for you to follow:


Before you go ahead and compare quotes with removal companies to see which services will cater for your needs, make sure to have  a inventory list to share with the removal company. You don’t want to ask them for a quote without informing you what items you need moving. If you are needing some additional services from the removal company, write it down on the inventory so that yourself and the removal company can keep record of any additional services required.

Hire A Removal Company

Now that you have done the first step of moving by writing a list of items you will be needing to move, begin to contact removal companies to compare quotes. Don’t make the mistake of going for the first quotation you receive. Instead compare a few to see which prices suits your needs best. Try to limit your time with comparing quotes, the moment you have decided which company to use, call them directly to secure the booking. If you need extra advice, ask the removal company agent for help, he/she will gladly assist you.

Packing Equipment

Awesome, progress is going well so far for a short notice removal. Now that you have sent through a inventory and made a booking with one of the companies, now its time to begin getting the suitable equipment required for your removal. You will be needing:

  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Stretch Wrapping Material (Keep in mind the removal guys do offer this services as additional)

Make sure to have them ready.

Old Clutter Must Go

In many articles which we have come across, one of the most common pointers we have come across, is that proffessionals recommend that you dispose of items. And keep what you need. In majority of the moves, you will find items which you will never use again or there will be items which can’t be used again. Dispose of all the items which can’t be used again, and then with the items that can be re-used, donate them to charity.

Emergency Bag

This is important that you do not forget to pack one of these. Make sure to either set a box aside or preferably a suitcase. Pack clothing for the next few nights as a precaution. Make sure to also pack which items you will be needing:

  • Wallet
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries (Basics: Toothbrush, towels, hairbrush)
  • Identity documents
  • First Aid Kit


If you are aware that your move will take a few days, make sure to prepare some small meals for the next few nights. Pack a picnic
basket or small cooler box with foods to cover you for the next few days. Unless you wish to choose to eat at cafe’s/restaurants and etc, be very wise with your money, and budget enough money to cover you and your family.


If your valuable items are small enough to be packed into a suitcase, make sure to pack them with you in your personal belongings. This will prevent any items going missing or lost.

As we mentioned earlier, write up a inventory of all your valuables.  Most importantly, be very careful with them, make sure they are packed correctly.

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