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The What IF’s!

Categories: Furniture Removal

Although we do have a FAQ section on our website, we recently came across some common questions which customers have been asking, most commonly they have been beginning with 2 words: “What If”.

So to be of assistance, we compiled a list of the most common “What If” questions we  either have received or came across, and for your convenience we shall be answering them for you.

Let us begin:

1. What if the removal company I hired doesn’t show up on moving day?

This scenaraio has unfortunately happened, not only in South Africa but worldwide this mistake has happened. Customers fear this situation the most.

Should this happen to you, the best is to contact the driver directly to enquire with the removal vans progress, although its frustrating if the removal van is not on time, sometimes situations can occur on the road whilst the van is on route. Again, contact the driver directly or  the removal company.

Alternatively, should there a more serious issue with the removal company, the best is to contact a different removal company, and enquire if they are able to assist. If your move is a long distance move, be prepared as some companies will rather book you in a future booking not current.


2.What if my booking is lost?

This is very unfortunate when these happen to clients. There have been cases where clients have made a reservation months in advance with a removal company, only to find that on moving day their booking has gone missing. Luckily though, they were able to find a removal company which happened to have a available slot that same day. These happen rarely, as normally you’d have to either make a completely different plan or wait.

Its ideal that you ensure you have a back up plan prior to moving day. Luckily there are companies who have trailer hire, which you can resort to should you need to. Alternatively, you can contact removal companies which you contacted previously.

3. I’ve asked friends and family to help me move, what if they cancel?

This is certainly difficult, relying on your friends and family is a risk to take, but majority of the times they will come through to assist you. But, sometimes there are those rare occasions which do pop up and you end up with no assistance from them.

If this has happened to you or you wish to prevent it from happening to you again, the ideal method is by contacting them a few days prior to confirm they will be assisting. A fun idea is to create a event on your social media page to get the word out. Alternatively, contact a local removal company, and enquire if you can hire their services for packing purposes only.

4. What if my stuff goes missing?

Its plausible for this instance to happen, doesn’t happen alot but there have been cases. In this scenario, the best is to record all your items which are missing, withing 3 days of the move you need to report the items as the removal company will be held liable to find the  items. A extra tip, make sure you have moving insurance, this will cover you for instances like these.

Professionals recommend that you mark each box with a number or letter, once that’s complete you create a inventory list corresponding with the letters or numbers on the box. Once you are at your new home, the movers will inform you which letter/number is on each box which you will then mark off that its been received.

We can continue with alot more common questions which we have received. To read more, visit our FAQ page on our site.


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